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1. Official Tournament Ball is the JUGGS Indoor Training Ball.
2. Teams must have 8 players for an official game.
3. 7 Courtesy Runners.
4. Game length is 7 innings or 60 minutes. NO NEW INNING after 55 minutes.
5. Maximum runs per inning is 5 runs except the 7th inning or umpire "called last inning" which is open.
6. Wins = 2 pts. - Ties = 1 pt. - Maximum Run plus/minus for any single game will be (+7 or - 7).
7. Ties are only broken in Play-Off games. INTL. Tie-Breaker in effect.
8. "Infield Fly Rule" is in effect.
9. +2 Home Run in effect. No team shall ever have more than a 2 HR lead over their opponent. Any Home Run hit after +2 will be an "out".
10. Any ball batted over the "PYLON-MARKED LINE" in the outfield will be considered a HOME RUN and counts against the +2 Home Run Rule. Any batted balls that roll or bounce over the "marked line" shall be considered "Ground Rule Doubles" (these are unlimited).
11. Safe line is in play. No touching home plate. No sliding at Home plate.
12. Anticipation is permitted.
13. Games are always 2 one-hour back-to-back home and away double-headers.
14. Pitchers must be minimally 50 feet from home plate.
15. Pitched balls must reach 6 -12 feet in height and must have a perceived arc.
16. No bunting, chopped balls or partial swings.
17. All batters start with a 1-1 count.
18. Strike Mat in play with "Mexican Rule" which means any legally pitched ball that hits the strike mat is an "OUT". If you swing and miss the ball and it hits the strike mat then just a strike is called .
19. Batted balls that hit the ceiling/roof of the dome are "live" balls and can be caught for outs.
20. Co-Ed fielding ratio is 6m/4f .
21. For Co-Ed play no more than two males can bat consecutively.
22. ONLY players on original rosters are permitted to play.
24. Fighting or Abusive Conduct will result in immediate ejection from the tournament. Ejected players must leave the Dome Facility.
25. All overthrows at First, Third and Home are automatic one base awards for the baserunners.
26. There is a committment line in play. Once the baserunner crosses the commitment line they must continue to go to Homeplate Safe-line.....any return back over the committment line the runner will be an automatic out.
27. All teams at the beginning of their games may declare ONE player as injured and this player may have a Runner from the plate and this does not count against the 7 courtesies. This rule is called the Injured Player Declaration (IDP). If your team requires an IDP then just make sure to advise the UMPIRE atthe commencement of your game..